Rose Oil/ Rose Essence (20 ML)

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Experience the epitome of luxury with O’Gardener’s Rose Oil. Made with the finest ingredients, this beauty composition of Rose Essence and Carrier Oil is the best-kept secret of Royal Families. Manufactured by O’Gardener through natural and ancient distillation procedures- The Bhapka Deg Method- this exquisite oil stands as a symbol of beauty, luxury and magnificence.


Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

O’Gardener’s Rose Oil distinguishes itself as a premium skincare solution because it is manufactured from the world's best rose essence and a carefully chosen carrier oil. The ancient distillation process preserves its natural goodness and enzymes making it the elixir of timeless beauty!


Manufacturing Process:

The Rose Oil is derived by mixing the most premium rose essence with the best carrier oils produced by O’Gardener. The rose essence is produced by a natural and ancient distillation procedure to capture the essence of the finest roses. The combination of Rose Essence and Carrier Oil ensures that you can use it directly on the skin.


How to Use:

- Wash your face with a mild soap

- Take a few drops of O’Gardener Rose Oil on your palms.

- Gently massage over your face in circular motions to get the blood circulation going

- Allow the oil to work overnight for that glowing skin the next morning


Benefits & What to Expect:

- Promotes tighter and more youthful skin

- It reverses the effects of ageing by promoting skin elasticity.

- Diminishes age spots, scars, and blemishes for a more even-toned complexion.

- Soothes sunburn and other inflammatory irritation of your skin

- Restores moisture and radiance- making your skin soft, supple and youthful



- Conduct a patch test before applying directly to the face.

- Individual results may vary and therefore, consistent and long-term usage is recommended.

- Consult with a dermatologist for specific skin concerns or conditions.