Steam Distillation

Why steam distillation is the best process?

Traditional Steam Distillation Process

A Symphony Led by Dighoo: The Master of the Process

The Steam Distillation process unfolds, guided by the skilled hands of the master, known as Dighoo. Within this intricate dance of fire and botanicals, attars are born, each bearing the imprint of a meticulous, centuries-old technique.

The Steps of Artisanal Alchemy

Filling the Still: The Deg, or still, is carefully filled with the chosen plant, flower, or root material – the raw essence of nature. Water joins this botanical assembly.

Sealing Secrets: The Sarpos, or lid, is sealed using a blend of cotton and clay, cocooning the secrets that lie within.

Igniting the Flame: The Bhatti, a furnace, awakens with the gentle kiss of wood or cow-dung cakes. Temperature control is an art in itself, a dance between stoking or reducing the flames.

Guardian of Boiling Beauty: To safeguard the lid from taking flight during the heated embrace of boiling, a leaf spring called komoni stands guard.

Cooling Symphony: The water within the Gachchi, a cooling water tank, pirouettes in a never-ending exchange, ensuring the Bhapka, or receiver, remains cool.

Attaining Perfumed Nectar: As the vapors condense to reach the desired elixir, Dighoo swaddles the Deg with a damp cloth. A new Bhapka steps in, ready to cradle the essence.

Separation of Essence: After a cooling embrace, the marriage of oil and water is ceremoniously separated – perhaps through a Bhapka's opening or into an open trough.

Second Chances: If the attar's heart beats not in the desired rhythm, it rejoins the Bhapka, as the distillation waltz begins anew.

Nature's Reunion: The water returns to the Deg, as the attar awaits its next step.

Into the Kuppi: A prized concentration finds its way into the Kuppi, a leather vessel, to capture the fleeting magic.

A Serenade of Senses: With every drop of attar, a symphony of senses ignites. The aroma lingers, a connection to nature's very soul.

Crafting with the Elements

This artistry is a return to elemental senses: hearing, seeing, smelling, and the intimate wisdom of experience. No machinery, no digital whispers; just an alchemical exchange, where human intuition takes the lead.

A Perfumed Symphony of Sentiments

In your olfactory treasury, where attars reign supreme, each bottle unfurls a distinct sentiment. Imagine the embrace of nature, a garden within each drop. When you anoint your skin, you're not just applying a fragrance – you're embracing the earth's embrace.