Inside O'Gardener's Manufacturing Process of Rose Water for Skin

Inside O'Gardener's Manufacturing Process of Rose Water for Skin

Over a course of more than a century, O'Gardener has positioned itself as a distinguished brand dedicated to the production of unadulterated floral products with its most popular product being rose water for skin. Focusing on only the purest botanical goods, O'Gardener has firmly established itself in the industry by prioritising purity and excellence. With a strong commitment to preserving the natural essence of flowers and plants, O'Gardener has become a trusted name synonymous with authenticity.

When it comes to botanical items, how they are made is crucial for ensuring their quality, especially in products like rose water for skin. The careful crafting of these products is incredibly important, as it determines the purity of the ingredients and how well they work. Understanding the details of how these products are made is essential for appreciating the care and attention put into creating them, particularly when they are meant for skin care.

Let us explore how O’Gardener Manufactures their most sought-after 100% pure rose water for skin.

Sourcing of Raw Materials:

At O'Gardener, our commitment to quality begins from the very first step: sourcing roses to make rose water for skin. With our own farms nestled in Jhinwar, UP, we have the privilege of cultivating the choicest roses that form the heart of our products.

This hands-on approach grants us complete control over the quality and purity of our ingredients. Our skilled artisans, who possess an intimate knowledge of the plants they work with, carefully handpick each rose at the precise moment for optimal freshness and potency.

In selecting our raw materials, we adhere to stringent criteria centred on organic farming practices and sustainability. Only the finest, highest-quality ingredients make it into our formulations, ensuring that our products authentically capture the essence of nature.

To make rose water for skin at O’Gardener, we only use the Damask roses. Damask roses are known for their intoxicating fragrance and delicate petals- the epitome of all the goodness nature has to offer for the skin. Each damask rose undergoes a rigorous selection process, chosen by our artisans to ensure that only the purest specimens grace our formulations.


Extraction Methods for Rose Water For Skin: 

O'Gardener employs time-honoured extraction methods: deg bhapka (steam distillation), to extract essences from roses. Steam distillation is a traditional technique that involves heating of the rose petals material with steam to release its aromatic compounds and innately occurring natural compounds that are like an elixir for the skin. These are then condensed and collected as essential oils or hydrosols (rose water). This gentle process ensures that the natural properties and aromatic nuances of the ingredients are preserved, resulting in pure and potent botanical extracts.

At O'Gardener, the process involves using copper degs (stills). Fresh flowers and botanicals are placed in the degs along with water, and steam is passed through the mixture to extract the essences. O'Gardener ensures that its floral products retain their natural integrity and potency. The age-old methods play a crucial role in preserving the delicate balance of botanical compounds, resulting in products of unparalleled purity and quality.


Lab Verified/ Certifications:


1. GM (Good Manufacturing Practices)

GM certification ensures that our manufacturing processes adhere to stringent quality standards set by regulatory bodies. It guarantees that our products are consistently produced and controlled according to established quality standards.


2. ISO (International Organization for Standardization):

ISO certification demonstrates our commitment to maintaining high-quality management systems. It signifies that our operations meet international standards for quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, enhancing trust and credibility with our partners and customers.


3. Food Licence:

Our Food License certifies that our facilities and products comply with food safety regulations and standards. It assures customers that our products are safe for consumption and meet all requirements for food production and distribution. This means that even if you order rose water for skin, it is 100% safe to be consumed owing to its purity.

Our commitment to purity and authenticity is not just a promise but a way of life, guiding us in our mission to provide customers with botanical offerings of unparalleled quality and efficacy. This purity bridges you with nature and the use of rose water for skin makes your skin glowing, and refreshes and slows down the effects of ageing on your skin.

So you see, the dedication of O'Gardener to produce the highest quality rose water for skin is evident in every step of the manufacturing process. Right from the plucking of the best quality damask roses at the right time to bottling, labelling and bringing it to you without the involvement of any middlemen- O'Gardener bears a promise of only truth and purity in all of our products.

With such stringent quality control and adherence to the traditional practices of the production of rose water for skin, the O'Gardener truly embodies the essence of both tradition and modernity. The blend of tradition and modernity still makes sure that the rose water is 100% pure without the addition of any kind of preservatives or chemicals. If you are looking for transparency, purity and goodness in your rose water for skin- you know where to order it from O’Gardener!

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